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Ástríður Jósefína Ólafsdóttir is an Icelandic artist currently based between Bologna (Italy) and Reykjavik (Iceland). 


She graduated cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2013 with a thesis on the psychological portrait and the relationship between artist and model. In 2016 she completed a Masters degree in Visual Arts at the same university, with a project called Móðir mín í kví kví, where she explored icelandic folk songs and tales. 


Ástríður starts her exhibition path during her university years and from 2012 she has been exhibiting her Art in personals and collectives at the followings art spaces and galleries: “Gallery I Portici”, “Teatro Del Navile”, art gallery “Caffè degli Artisti”,  the “Zoological Museum”, the “Academy of fine Arts of Bologna”,  “Sala Ovale of Loiano”, Association “Civico 32”, Atelier “Cobalto Lab”, the “Medieval civic Museum of Bologna” and the “Musée de l’OHM”. 

Ástríður can be defined as a very versatile artist, while always true to her aesthetic. In her work we can find cultural elements from her Nordic background interlacing with the Italian painting tradition and techniques, thus giving birth to an interesting dialogue.

She is mostly a painter, but sometimes she is able to experiment with other types of expressions such as installations and performances to fulfill the intention of the art study.

Portraits and human figures (especially female bodies) are the main subjects, in particular she has been studying the body and the many ways it connects, adapts and interacts with the space around it, often inspired by dancers movements, yoga positions, models and friends.


Ástriður is currently working in Reykjavik. Her first private exhibition in Iceland was in the House of Mál og Menning in 2021. In 2022 she exhibited in June at Núllið Gallerý and her new solo exhibit "Fellingar" is currently in Gallerí Fold.


Her attention has lately been drawn towards a circus activity called aerial silks which gave her a new opportunity to study the body and how it reacts to this particular object: two flaps of fabric that descend from the ceiling. 

The series is called “Panneggio” like the old masters technique of painting tissue drapings and studying the anatomy of the fabrics. She starts by representing the body in communication with the fabric until the former vanishes, leaving only a trace on the drape, which becomes a simple object giving infinite possibilities. She recently added light to the game of builging and painting sculptures of fabric, so the works now look like planets, suns or dreamlike landscapes, where a strong source of light, like a trapped energy, is trying to break through the fabric.


2014 - 2016

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Master in Visual  Arts.

2010 - 2013 

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Academic diploma  in painting. 




Fellingar, Gallerí Fold, Reykjavík.


Static Dance, Galler Núllið, Reykjavík.


Panneggio, Mál og Menníng, Reykjavík.


What the water gave me, Cobalto Lab, Bologna. 


Evulazioni Magmetiche,  Sala Ovale, Loiano.


Personal exhibition at art gallery “Caffè  degli artisti”, Bologna.



Jólagleði, Gallerí Fold, Rekjavík. 


Step/014 – Escursioni, curated by Lelio Aiello e Massimo Marchetti at Chiara Pergola’s  “Musée de l’OHM”, situated in Museo civico Medievale, Bologna.


Diletto, curated by Luca  Caccioni at Cattedra Arti Visive Caccioni, Accademia di belle  Arti di Bologna.


Visioni dell’anima, curated by Associazione civico 32 at Cortile Cafè, Bologna. 


Ritratto al Museo, event “SBAM!cultura a  porte aperte”, live painting exhibition with Walter Materassi  at Museo di Zoologia, Bologna. 


Dreamers, curated by Daniele  Degli Angeli, Luciana Missori and Paola Bussacchetti at Spazio espositivo Teatro del Navile, Bologna.


Incontra l’Arte curated by Ginevra Russo at Gallery I Portici, Bologna. 

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